Lilly Singh: Superwoman

Super popular YouTuber, Lilly Singh (AKA Superwoman) is no small deal at 10.5 million subscribers. Her team reached out to us for creative direction and tactical execution for the trailer for her new book. The result was one helluva good time.

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Luke Frydenger
Lilly Singh
Sam Sullivant
1st AC:
Elliot Barnes
2nd AC:
Sarah Takizawa-MacLean
Fight Choreographer:
Jordan Herring
Lilly's Stunt Fighter:
Pearl Gonzalez
Perfect Form Design
SFX & Sound Mix:
White Light Audio
Musical Composer:
Luke Sullivant
“How To Be A Bawse” | Book Trailer

In this trailer, Lilly metaphorically fights her depression and anxiety in an intense boxing scenario. As a big Game of Thrones fan, Lilly imagined defeating her inner darkness Khaleesi-style: by burning her demons to the ground. Ultimately, she triumphs as a Bawse- not just surviving life, but conquering it.