A cinematic, multimedia experience

Shining Light on Kibera

In October, 2016 our team travelled 8,853 miles to Kenya to create a series of cinematic commercials with MPOWERD called, “Shining Light on Kibera.” KAROT created a multimedia experience using film, photo, 360° video, and the written word to capture the visceral feeling of how solar technology effects life in developing nations.

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a poem


This travel film, shot in Africa, is one in a series of cause marketing pieces made in partnership between KAROT and MPOWERD. As a creative agency and video production company, we are honored to present how innovation amplifies the power of education.

Clean Energy

In this intimate piece of digital content filmed in Kibera, Kenya, KAROT establishes how the MPOWERD Luci Light brightens people’s lives. One in a series of commercials, the cinematic style of this film captures the visceral feeling of how technology effects life in developing nations.

Women Entrepreneurs

KAROT traveled to Kibera, Kenya to film this short commercial piece, which is one video in a series done in partnership with MPOWERD. Highlighting the importance of women’s empowerment, this cinematic storytelling was inspired by the effect solar power has on women entrepreneurs.